Meet Duncan

I never tire of telling the story of how Duncan came to our family. On a work trip to Mississippi, my Mom, Jack, Andrew and I saw a puppy in the middle of nowhere. When we stopped we discovered it was actually 3!! Duncan hopped in the car right off the bat. He knows a good gravy train when he sees one. 
It took us another hour to catch his sister, Pebbles and the third puppy kept going further into the woods. With it getting dark fast we had to make the hard decision to take the two we could catch and leave. I knew my husband, Jamie was going to kill me. But, all the way home, Andrew just kept saying " I just KNOW Dad is gonna fall in love with them like we have!" 
We found an amazing home for Pebbles and Duncan found his forever home with us. He is the shadow I never knew I needed and is more spoiled than my kids. Every night when I tuck him in on his own sofa in our living room, I tell him “I love him the best of all and the most of all.” He struck it rich when we found him and we wouldn't have it any other way.