About Amy

Amy Boyle grew up in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama and was transplanted by her husband to two other southern states in five different moves, before settling in his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama.  She began making jewelry as a hobby and quickly realized that this may be more than just a fun creative outlet. Grace Girl was soon established as a part-time gig and was formed out of her love for creating unique pieces with an Old South inspiration. Amy's passion is creating timeless pieces using belts for upscale cuffs, vintage spoons for stunning necklaces, and beautiful gemstones for bracelets, earrings and necklaces. 

The name Grace Girl was chosen, paying tribute to her women's group at church called "The Grace Girls". In the beginning, they were her best customers and biggest supporters. Cheering Amy on the entire way.  In 2013, Amy took her love of jewelry and entrepreneurial spirit, full -time.  Grace Girl has blossomed over the last 9 years and is offered by 123 retailers in 32 states.  When she's not designing jewelry, Amy is spending time with her husband, James, and two boys, Jack and Andrew. And don't forget her shop dog sidekick, Duncan.