Treasures in the Desert - Tucson 2023

Treasures in the Desert - Tucson 2023


The Sourcing Trip I've Always Wanted to Take

Every year in late January, Tucson, AZ hosts thousands of gem, mineral, fossil, bead and jewelry dealers for the nations largest show. Not really one show, but almost 30 different shows scattered all over the city, some with as many as 500 vendors. It is a once a year mecca for all things jewelry and gems. You can find loose stones such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds, beads and cabachons in every stone available, ready made jewelry, components for jewelry making, rocks and turquoise.....SO Much Turquoise!


I have wanted to go to this show for many years and when my pal in jewelry design Lisa, with Jewelry Designs by Lisa called and said "Get a plane ticket, we can stay at my friends." At almost 50, I figured it was time I flew somewhere by myself. So, I gladly bought a plane ticket and flew across the country to find some treasures. And man was it an adventure!!


Amy with Grace Girl Beads and Lisa with Jewelry Designs by Lisa


Let me start by saying, I have been to many bead shows. I've even been to AmericasMart in Atlanta, which is very overwhelming. This trip was overwhelming on a new level. So many beads. Every color you could imagine, every stone known to man all at these shows. Out of the nearly 30 shows in town we only covered 4 in 3 days. 



Having Purchased way too much, I loaded up my suitcase with beads and headed home to create with all my new goodies. My luggage was 50.0 lbs. right on the nose!!! I couldn't have planned that any better. Be on the lookout for all the new jewelry that's coming from these treasures.


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