New Year....New Trends 2023

New Year....New Trends 2023

It's a new year, and that means new trends and a trip to AmericasMart in Atlanta for their bi-annual Gift, Home and Lifestyle Market. If you've ever been "to market" you know how overwhelming, excited and exhausting it can be. You can find just about anything you want at the January market, from furniture, rugs, food, bath and body products, gifts, apparel and of course JEWELRY! These markets are for wholesale buyers only, and not open to the public.


While I don't exhibit at these shows, I attend them with my good friend and also one of our retailers, Missy with Re-Zoned Gifts and Apparel.  It is always fun to go and see what new trends are coming in the year ahead, and there are a few vendors there that I do purchase raw materials from. I am also on the lookout for new things that I can add to our Grace Girl Beads line to compliment our jewelry. This year I was on the hunt for new Travel Jewelry Organizers. I think I have found a few options for us!


Here are a few of the latest trends for jewelry that I saw coming up this year:

  • COLOR - This year color will be everywhere. I saw a lot of colored hoop earrings and bracelets. Lilac or Lavender was a HOT color in all things fashion and home. Pantone's color of the year Magenta will also be popular.
  • STYLE - Coins and medallions are still popular, and you know we have many of those to choose from in our line. Larger chunky short chains were also in abundance.
  • MATERIAL - Gold is still Queen when it comes to material choices, but I did see Silver and Mixed Metals also starting to mix in.  


There's lots of new and exciting things coming this year in the jewelry world. Stay tuned as we add some of these latest trends into our Grace Girl designs.



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